Players Guide to Garou is the players' guide for WTA: Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip. This book features expanded character creation systems, guidelines for creating septs and caerns, and background mateial on the Garou themselves. The Players Guide to Garou adapts and expands on material from earlier editions of the Werewolf Players Guide and other sources. Material on the other fera that had appeared in earlier editions of the Players Guide was moved into its own dedicated book: the WTA: Players Guide to the Changing Breeds Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Nation of Wolves
They fight with tooth and clkaw against an Enemy worse than any nightmare. They struggle amongst themselves, vying to defend a society where the strongest and wisest can lead the War of the Apocalypse. They are bitter rivals and lifelong friends, and above all else they are Garou. Whatever else comes, the werewolves of the Garou Nation will stand as one — or they will fall together.
The Strength of Tooth and Claw
Looking for those extra options to put the finishing touches on your character? Here they ae. The Players Guide to Garou is the ultimate resource for building and roleplaying werewolves, from the loyal children of the Garou Nation to the monsters that sniff around its borders. Take your character from cub to legend.
Players Guide to Garou contains:

Legends of the Garou: Untold StoriesEdit

Introduction: The BasicsEdit

Chapter One: The Nation - Garou SocietyEdit

Chapter Two: Septs and Caerns - Politics and RulesEdit

Chapter Three: Spirit Lore - The Pact, Fetishes and TotemsEdit

Chapter Four: Wolkfskin - Character CreationEdit

Chapter Five: The Long Run - Chronicle AidsEdit

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