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For the bloodline from Vampire: The Requiem, see Player (VTR).

This means you.

In a given game there are only two types of people involved, those who choose not be the Storyteller become players. Players create characters to enter the world created by the Storyteller.

The player is the person behind the character who, while playing a storytelling game (such as those set in the Chronicles of Darkness or Classic World of Darkness), decides the mannerisms, actions and mentality of the character he has created and is in charge of. He or she is also usually charged with the creation of their character's game-mechanical traits and character sheet, and can also indulge in the pleasure of spending earned experience and other resources as they see fit.

Some games give more specific roles to players, such as the Shadowguide in Wraith: The Oblivion. In Troupe Play, each player controls multiple characters.