A Plasmic or Plasmic Entity is a "lifeform" of the Underworld; specifically, any independent creature that is composed of Plasm but is not specifically a wraith or spectre. Plasmics are almost unheard of outside of the Tempest, where they are (relatively) common.

Being composed of Plasm, Plasmics can be soulforged. Nonsentient (or indescribably alien) Plasmics are a preferred target for soulforging by parties who find soulforging wraiths ethically unacceptable.

Stygian Wraiths classify Plasmics in some broad categories based on their appearance. These categories include:

  • Phantasies: These are creatures that have a strong resemblence to living creatures, such as a whale or a bird. Phantasies may be sapient enough to communicate with, and will sometimes aid wraiths in the Tempest. Like animals in the Skinlands, some animals are hostile to humans, some are friendly, and some are best left alone.
  • Deliriums: Plasmics that appear to be modified animals, such as winged horses or cats with antennae. Deliriums tend to be somewhat more intelligent and powerful than Phantasies.
  • Legendaries: Plasmics that emulate some type of mythical beast, such as a Phoenix. Legendaries tend to be intelligent, powerful and rare.
  • Wyrds: These are Plasmics that have no reference point to a living or legendary creatures (except perhaps Cthulhu). Wyrds are generally alien; even if they are intelligent enough to communicate with wraiths (and most are frighteningly intelligent), their requirements or requests are generally too arcane to make any sense.

Angelics and Demonics are a subset of Legendaries which have a particular relevance for the underworld - they resemble angels and demons.

Appear In Edit

  • The Sea of Shadows: Description and brief categorization of Plasmics, including Angelics and Demonics. Plasmic bestiary.
  • WTO: Ends of Empire Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip: Notes that Ferrymen prefer to use Plasmics for soulforging.
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