Plasm is concentrated death energy, used by Sin-Eaters to fuel many of their powers such as Manifestations, Ceremonies and opening Avernian Gates.

Plasm tends to have different flavours corresponding to the emotional responses to and different causes of Death. The Plasm of the Lower Mysteries, however, is inherently alien to beings with connections to the mortal world.

Gaining PlasmEdit

Plasm can be gained in multiple ways.

  • Haunt/Cenote: A place infused with the power of the dead (graveyard, battlefields etc) will often slowly "bleed" plasm. Invisible to the mortal eye, the Sin-Eater must simply meditate in the cenote to gain the plasm.
  • Deathmasks: Deathmasks (a type of Memento) naturally collect plasm. However, since they are the remnant of a destroyed geist, using this is a sin against Synergy 9.
  • Ectophagia: Ghosts are made purely out of plasm. So it stands to reason a Sin-Eater who defeats a ghost can consume it. Apart from the foul taste (a ghost that merely tastes like rotting meat is a good result), this is held to be a taboo in Sin-Eater circles, as well as a sin against Synergy 6, as the geist is revolted by this action. Sin-Eaters who regularly perform this act gain the nickname of ghouls among Bound.
  • Threshold Resonance: When a Sin-Eater performs an act that resonates with their geists Threshold, the geist itself gains power due to the strong emotions it generates. The Sin-Eater, for their part, gains plasm . This can be both undergoing a Threshold act (in the example of the Torn, being beaten almost to the point of death) or committing the act (for the Forgotten, gambling for high stakes).
  • Resolution: When a ghost resolves the last of its anchors, a Sin-Eater present and influential in the process gains enough plasm to refill their entire stores.
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