Author: Kurt Hausheer
Developers: Scott Holden-Jones and Stewart Wieck
Editor: Scott Holden-Jones
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Ron Thompson
Interior Artists: Ed Bourelle, David Griffith, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Tyler Walpole and Kieran Yanner
Cover Artist Tyler Walpole
Special Thanks 1010101’s EQrpg Utilities ( for the free program “Al’Kabor’s Calculator” — making magic items has never been so easy!
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Sword and Sorcery Studio
Published: August, 2004
Pages: 154
Reference#: ISBN 1-58846-976-X
Product #: WW 16524

Plane of Hate is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


The Prince and His Paupers
The god Innoruuk, self-titled Prince of Hate, dares you to enter his domain. Better yet, he invites you! Without intruders to tease, test, and slaughter, the inhabitants of his realm must turn to the only other form of entertainment available: slaughtering one another. Of course, Innoruuk encourages this behavior too, for brother fighting against brother presents plenty of amusement, but it’s much more fun for him when hapless do-gooders fall into his clutches.
And if you won’t come willingly, then beware lest he lure you as he did the high elves, back in ancient days when Antonica was still called Tunaria. It took the wrathful and righteous Koada’Dal legions a century or more to find the means to the Plane of Hate to retrieve their king and queen, whom Innoruuk had kidnapped. By then, however, it was too late, for unspeakable things had been done to their sovereigns, who were changed — horribly changed. And the intrusion of the high elf armies was the beginning of Innoruuk’s greatest triumph to date...
Will true heroes of Norrath stand idly by while Innoruuk plans his next conquest?
All the material included in Plane of Hate is 100% compatible with 3.5 edition fantasy role-playing rules.
100% compatible with 3.5 edition fantasy role-playing rules
This book presents the entire Plane of Hate, extra-dimensional domain of the dark, hateful god Innoruuk. Mapped and described in detail, this plane is a challenge for even the most capable characters, and any who would venture here are encouraged first to acquire some of the vast powers described in Heroes of Norrath, another EQrpg role-playing supplement available now.
This book contains statistics for all the major inhabitants of the plane, including Innoruuk himself, as well as a detailed history of the dark elf race — and how it was created from a vengeful god’s twisting of the high elves’ erstwhile king and queen.

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