The Plague Nervosa is a Chimera born from fever dreams.


Plague Nervosa.png

This Nervosa is born from delirium caused by pain or fever. It fills its victims with feelings of sickness. A person in the grip of a plague nervosa will start to feel chills, aches, nausea, and the like, but may not manifest physical symptoms. The symptoms become debilitating, and a person in full possession will start to show physical signs of illness.

Plague nervosa choose to haunt hospitals, urgent-care centers, hospices, and places associated with sickness (like the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, which houses especially virulent ones). With diseases such as AIDS end ebola, changelings fear the rise of more plague nervosa.

A typical plague nervosa appears as a person in the advanced throes of its "parent" illness.


  • Fester
  • Possession


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