The Plague-Bride, also known as Typhoid Mary, Crazy Jane, and Jane Pennington in modern nights, is a legendary methuselah of the Malkavians. She was the handmaiden of Malkav himself, who soothed him in his fervors and cooled his forehead.


Her real name is long forgotten, but some of the more insane among the Clan believe that it sounds Sumerian. Clan legend claims that Malkav tried to preserve something within her when he gave her the Embrace, perhaps seeing something of his deceased sire Zillah in the sweet woman, but the spark was extinguished by his blood and Malkav withdrew from her, deeply disappointed.

The Plague-Bride is also counted among the Coronati – those of Malkav's childer who devoured the vitae-laced earth where Malkav was rendered apart during the uprising of the Third Generation in order to preserve him and spread his madness. The Plague-Bride, still captivated with the memory of her dead sire and lover, sought to share it with all of humanity, infecting them with madness and trying to figure out why her sire abandoned her.

She is rumored to still walk the Earth, albeit under different aliases; Typhoid Mary, Crazy Jane, and Jane Pennington being some of the most recent appearances.



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