The Pilgrims of the Bright Road are a group of extremists within the Shadow Court dedicated to establishing a lasting means of communicating with the dead.

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Bright Road Pilgrims

Within the Ritualist faction, a small group of extremists have found a way to exceed even the scrupulous observances of their Impulse. These Pilgrims of the Bright Road focus their attention on finding a way to establish a permanent way of communicating with the dead, both the spirits of fae who have died and those of other creatures who inhabit the Shadowlands. They believe that the dead possess the answers needed for achieving Unseelie supremacy and survival of Endless Winter. Some have even revived the practice of the teign, or "sacrifice to hell," a custom said to originate in the earliest times when the fae guaranteed their immortality by offering a sacrifice one of their own to the Underworld every seven years. The chosen one would voluntarily accept permanent death as a tithe in return for allowing other fae to walk the Bright Road back to earth in reincarnated form. The details of this group are closely guarded secrets, even from Ritualist leaders. The Pilgrims are thought to have created alliances with certain Heretic Wraiths, Euthanatos mages, Shadow Lords and vampires of the Giovanni clan.

See also the Waybuilders Corps.

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