The Pilgrimage is the Promethean term for the quest for Mortality. It is also a euphemism used to describe Promethean existence; every action a Promethean takes is another step on the road to humanity. It is related to, but separate from the the task of transformation known as the "Great Work".

Every Promethean's Pilgrimage is marked by milestones, important events which grant an insight into the human condition, and enact a transformation on the purified Pyros - the Azoth - within them. There is no guarantee that a particular event would be a milestone for two different Prometheans; every Pilgrimage is unique to the Promethean following it.

Second Edition

In Promethean: The Created Second Edition, Pilgrimage replaces Humanity as the Promethean's Integrity analogue. Created start with one dot of Pilgrimage and may increase it through achieving milestones and/or spending Vitriol. When attempting to reach the New Dawn, players roll Pilgrimage as a dice pool to determine success.

The Pilgrimage consists of both universal milestones all Created must face, as well as milestones specific to an individual Promethean or to the Roles they inhabit. Completing any Role counts as a milestone, but Roles related to specific Refinements may be more integral to the Pilgrimage. The more Roles they have completed, and the more Refinements those roles are drawn from, the more successful the Great Work will be.


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