The Pilgrim is one of the Archetypes that manifest in a freshly formed Bound. Pilgrims are Bound that focus on allowing people to live a life that avoids an continued half-existence as a ghost or a fall into the Underworld.

While Pilgrims in general do have the best intentions at heart, they can come off as hostile or disturbed. Even if they do offer an explanation, some Pilgrims believe that helping people to shed life's fetters doesn't require their consent. They will happily sleep with a widow to maker her forget her recently deceased husband or destroy objects that people have a too vested interest in. Others seek to break existing emotional bonds that form attachments, often insinutaing themselves into the personal lives of their target to learn of their emotional baggage.

Most Pilgrims practice what they preach: They seek to resolve any issue that could hold them back as a ghost once the Bargain is fulfilled and avoid entanglement with other persons, sometimes even going so far as avoiding to join a Krewe.


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