Pika Don is a powerful Malfean who is said to reside within the Nihil of Hiroshima, Japan.


Among the more eastern-centric of the Malfeans, Pika Don has proven a terror across the Yellow Springs for its sheer tenacity and cunning use of deception. From its base in Hiroshima the monster hounds both Imperialist wraiths and those of the Japanese Resistance, using the chaos brought by the war to drag the helpless down into Oblivion. It disappeared for a time during the events surrounding a relic of immense power simply known as "Little Boy". Sure enough, the relic was the manifestation of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, and caused numerous factions to jump at the chance of acquiring such a potent weapon.


  • In Japan, "Pikadon" was the name given to the atomic bomb that landed on Hiroshima by local doctors like Michihiko Hachiya, "pika" detailing the flash of light, and "don" describing the explosive noise.


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