The Pijavica are a lost clan of Kindred thought to have died out in the 19th century. Their peculiar life cycle made them particularly vulnerable.

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When a Pijavica Embraced, the intended childe died. The corpse's extremities withered, while the stomach swelled and blackened. A corpse found in such a state was typically burned by the kine, but if allowed to come to term, the swollen abdomen burst open to reveal a squelching mass of sentient blood.

This larval Pijavica was exceptionally vulnerable. It could not hunt properly, having to absorb sustenance from spilled blood or the open wounds of the sleeping, as well as sharing the Kindred's typical weakness to sunlight and fire. Over the course of forty nights, the Pijavica gradually grew stronger, turning from a liquid to a gelatinous mass to a boneless bag of flesh. Eventually it shed its skin and emerged as a mostly human-looking vampire, ready to move among its prey.

Kindred who know of the Pijavica all agree that this odd strain of vampires no longer exists. There are no exact dates, but general consensus puts the Pijavica extinct by the late 19th century. A member of the Ordo Dracul in Slovakia claimed to have studied several specimens of the Pijavica in detail, in the mid-1800s. Unfortunately, proof of her studies no longer exists. Some decades ago, a local pack of werewolves killed the Dragon and destroyed her lab, presumably in revenge for her experiment with their people. All that remains is a partial set of her notes, sketches, and the shattered remains of several specimen jars.

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