Phyla are the "racial" divisions among the Inanimae, similar to Kiths among the Fae.

Overview Edit

While every faerie is unique, the Inanimae have divided themselves over the ages to form groups of related spirits called Phyla. They are essentially inanimate "kiths." Each of these phyla are also grouped into larger society called the Great Slow Empires or the Inanimate Courts.

More Than Bodies Edit

The Phyla are more than a mere taxonomic distinction. The psychology if any faerie is intimately tied into the choice to inhabit one substance over another. Each Phyla has a distinct, natural role to play in the Epic that is the Dreaming. Members of a Phyla share similarities in mentality, attitudes, and behaviors with the other members of their Empire as well as all all other spirits of the world with a similar elemental affinity.

The Phyla Edit

There are six main Phyla among the Inanimae. Other phyla exist but they are extremely rare.

References Edit

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