Phosphorum is the Refinement of Phosphorus and is practiced by Prometheans that cannot wait for the Magnum Opus for whatever reason, whether it be having nearly reached it and failed, or their Torment driving them ever-deeper into despair.


The Light-Bringers do not wait. They try every substance, they zoom through everything they do, and react instead of waiting. Though a Promethean cannot taste the sweet ambrosia that is life, the Phosphorus do their best to mimic it. They are the light that guides their fellow Prometheans through the tunnel, even if they burn out in the process.

It is easy to misunderstand the Phosphorus as just thrill-seekers and daredevils that wish to throw their Pilgrimage away. But in their madness, there is method; through ephemerality, through the sampling of life's joys, they will flicker out from lead and into gold. They either win big, or lose hard.

The intensity with which their Pyros burns makes Light-Bringers strangely charismatic, but the alien nature of Pyros means they are also more likely to provoke Disquiet.


  • Daredevil - the iconic Role for Light-Bringers, Daredevils are impulsive thrill-seekers, always pushing their limits without regard for safety, consequences or common sense. This can lead to daring heroics in a moment of crisis, or cause endless trouble for both the Daredevil and any companions he drags into his shenanigans. In either case, the goal is to learn something about life by living on the edge of it.
  • Psychopomp - part of their fascination with the ephemerality of life is a fascination with death, though only the Nepri can go to the River more than once. Barring this, Psychopomps may seek out jobs that allow them to interact extensively with the dying, such as paramedics or hospice nurses, or may commit murder just for the chance to observe death as closely as possible. They hope to understand life better by watching its final moments.
  • Whip - where Daredevils take risks themselves, Whips goad others into doing it, so that they can observe the fallout that ensues. This can be a beneficial habit when a throngmate is stuck on the Pilgrimage or paralyzed by indecision, but the Whip can also enable terrible decision making just to see what happens.


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