Philippe Vollgirre was a 5th generation Toreador, and sire to a Madame Guil, a Justicar of the 20th century.


At the late stages of 16th century, Philippe Vollgirre was already an old and spiteful feudal Baron of France, ruling over his subjects by posing as a mortal noble.

During a visit to the local harvest festival, the vampire noticed a young bride-to-be as she danced. Her beauty stirred something in his turbid blood, and so he summoned the bride to his estate in the distant hills. He subsequently raped her and turned her into his progeny.

To Vollgirre, his newest prize was but a peasant girl for his entertainment tonight and dinner tomorrow. So he was quite a shocked to awoke one day with a stake in his heart and his castle in flames about him. Thus did Vollgirre pass from history.

No one truly knows what really happened to him, and what part his childe (currently known as Madame Guil), took in his demise. However, the most common tale circulating among Kindred says that he faced Final Death when relatives of his victims stormed his castle and dragged him into daylight.


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