Phantomas, born as Varros Dominus but also known as the Phantom of the Opera, is a sixth generation Nosferatu. He killed his sire, Urgahalt.


This Nosferatu has been hidden away beneath Notre Dame in Paris for thousands of years, keeping as neutral and invisible as possible. He has adopted quite well to information technology and possesses some extremely powerful computer systems in a number of mysterious warehouses in Paris, as well as in his secret tunnels below the City of Lights.

He is dedicated to one great purpose: the creation of a complete Encyclopaedia Vampirica, replete with all knowledge of the race of Caine. One of his most important accomplishments to date is his Geneologica Vampirica. This computer database is the most accurate in existence and not only gives lineage, but is rife with intimate biographies and life details of nearly every vampire known (and some unknown) to exist now or ever.

His genealogical chart linking vampires by clan and sire was the most complete family tree ever done of the kindred. An obsessive seeker of knowledge, Phantomas was the ultimate hacker.


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