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Phantasm is one of the Shades found in Orpheus, and the first one to be introduced after the breaking of the Orpheus Group. It was originally discovered by Terrel and Squib. Phantasms, like other Shades, can utilize four tiers of Horrors.

Phantasms are the most creative of the Shades, passionate about their ideas and fantasies. They can be artists, inventors, or madmen, or any task or job that requires a great deal of imagination and thought. Some Phantasms are good at hiding their vivid dreams and may not be immediately apparent. Avant-Garde, Dreamer, and Visionary are all examples of typical Phantasm Natures.

Because Phantasms would rather deal with people than things, their natures clash with those of the Haunters. Therefore, Phantasms are banned from taking Haunter Horrors.

Phantasm has many things in common with the Arcanos Phantasm from Wraith: The Oblivion.

Horrors Edit

First-TierBedlam: A Phantasm can create elaborate illusions that affect as many senses as they have the Vitality for.

Second-TierSandman: With this ability, a Phantasm can enter, watch, and shape dreams as they so desire.

Third-TierDream-Walker: This allows a Phantasm to use the link shared by all dreamers to travel from place to place, especially via strong emotional connections.

Fourth-TierDraw Forth: Using this Horror, a Phantasm can temporarily bring someone's dreams to life.

Crucible HorrorTerrible Madness: By combining their Vitality, a group of Phantasms can trap someone in an elaborate illusion mirroring their worst nightmare.

Manifestation Forms Edit

Zero Vitality: Appears as a flat shadow with no light source, can also whisper short phrases.

One Vitality: Appears as a three-dimensional shadow with a more humanoid shape

Two Vitality: Fully human, but reflecting how they truly see themselves.


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