A Phantasie is a variety of Plasmic that can be found in the Tempest in Wraith: The Oblivion. Phantasies are sometimes called "road kill" as they resemble ordinary, everyday creatures from the Skinlands. However, Phantasies seem to exhibit a higher degree of intelligence and empathy than their living counterparts, leading to speculation they are not simply animal spirits. All Phantasies are able to use abilities similar to the Argos Arcanos.

Some types of Phantasies are known for their helpful natures and will assist wraiths stranded or lost in the Tempest; these creatures take on forms of gentler animals, such as horses, dolphins, or dogs. Many of these creatures ask for help in return, such as a payment of Pathos or small token. Other Phantasies seek to prey on wraiths, and take on predatory forms such as sharks, wolves, and even extinct animals such as meat-eating dinosaurs. Their motivations for these attacks are unknown, other than it simply being part of their basic animal instinct.


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