Peter "Thorn" Knorr is the quiet (some would say haunted) Leader of Team Tomorrow-Europe. His teammates are all extremely devoted to him. Although he does seem all too ready to enter combat, he strives to keep nova combat away from baseline populations.


When Peter Knorr led the Wolfpack, a cadre of highly trained baseline mercenaries, to fight in the Kashmir Conflict on behalf of Pakistan; he was unaware he was walking into a bloodbath. After seeing all seven of his men get slaughtered and an elite nova about to kill him too, Knorr erupted. He found himself reaching into the earth and enormous vines shot up. They were large enough to rip the nova apart that was about to kill Knorr. He survived and returned to base. He never spoke a word of what happened to his men.

Knorr returned to the United Kingdom and heard about Project Utopia. He went to the Rashoud facility in London, where he learned to control his powers. He spent a few years in Ecological Engineering but needed a little more action, so he joined Team Tomorrow. This is when he gained the monicker "Thorn".

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While his nova abilities aren't especially potent, Knorr's understanding of group dynamics, tactics and combat, as well as his ability to lead others, have helped him rise to the leadership position of Team Tomorrow-Europe.

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Storyteller InformationEdit

Caestus Pax has serious doubts about Knorr's place on Team Tomorrow. He feels that Knorr is too willing to jump into combat when another solution might be more reasonable. He would have replaced Knorr a long time ago, if his teammates were not so devoted to him.


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