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The Pesedjet is the Pantheon of the ancient gods of Egypt in Scion. The oldest of the six main pantheons, the Pesedjet focuses on the establishment and maintenance of the world order.

Their Overworld is a bottomless river known as Iteru, which is surrounded and besieged by Akhetaten, Greater Titan of Light. Their Underworld is a desert waste called Duat.


The origins of the Pesedjet go back at least 7,000 years, focusing on the peoples of the Nile River. Through the surviving great monuments, rich tombs, and fabulous legends, the knowledge of the Pesedjet pantheon has spread far and wide and remains a topic of interest even in the modern world.


The Pesedjet operate on a strict hierarchical structure; only through order can the world function properly. This is personified in ma'at, or "social justice", which assigns each person their role in the big scheme of things. Those that violate that scheme are seen by the Pesedjet as nuisances at least, but those who disrupt the order in a major way are essentially guaranteed to be made a mortal enemy if they do not repent. The Pesedjet have focused their work on restoring the ma'at they perceive to have been destroyed by the Titans in their war against the pantheons.


The other pantheons find the Pesedjet reliable, albeit frustrating allies. While they have proven their reliability time and again, the Egyptian pantheon also frustrates their allies by focusing on archaic patterns and magic, being extremely closed-minded to new strategies, and remaining far too conservative in their world view. Some believe this makes the Pesedjet extremely predictable, but others take some comfort in the fact that the traditions and methods of the Pesedjet will never change.


  • Anubis: Judge of the Underworld.
  • Atum-Re: God of the sun.
  • Bastet: Goddess of cats.
  • Geb: God of the earth.
  • Horus: God of justice and son of Osiris and Isis.
  • Isis: Goddess of magic and wife of Osiris.
  • Osiris: Lord of the Underworld and husband of Isis.
  • Ptah: God of artistry.
  • Set: God of disease and murderer of Osiris.
  • Sobek: God of crocodiles.
  • Thoth: God of scribes.

Secondary Members

  • Harsihar: God of Justice and former scion of Horus.
  • Imhotep: A Keeper of the World.
  • Kebauet: Goddess of embalming and daughter of Anubis.
  • Seshat: Goddess of written language, who created the only existing record of the Atlantean pantheon.
  • Seth: God of Serpents and former scion of Set
  • Min: Cat-headed God of sex, fertility, and lettuce. 
  • Babi: Highly sexual baboon God of 'male aggression', devourer of unjust souls, and inventor of necrophilia. 


Scion Pantheons

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