Persephone (née Linda) Moore is the childe of Prince Maxwell of Chicago. He Embraced her in the heat of passion, and she came into contact with some other vampires before he had a chance to clean up his mistake. Now he tolerates her, but many think he wishes he had killed her to be free from the liability and shame. Some even whisper that she has blackmailed him somehow.

Many of Chicago's other vampires scoff at her for hanging on her sire's coattails (or for having the temerity to be Embraced as she was). A member of the Invictus, she enjoys the comforts the First Estate gives her, but she is also a young vampire, one for whom feudalism is an unnatural concept. Her rebellious streak manifests in the form of some sympathies among those Kindred who don't play the game of covenant and servility. She walks a careful line keeping these dealings hidden from the Prince.

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