Percival is the Archbishop of Guadalajara and a member of the Conspiracy of the Red Sign.


Percival's father was a professor for Medieval English literature in London and a vivid fan of the Arthurian Legend, even naming his sons after the knights. Percival, seeking to impress his father, managed to join the Royal Hussars, earning him a real knighthood, much to the rejoicing of his father. Not only his father rejoiced, but also a Lasombra who remembered the stories of El Cid from his youth in Spain when he looked at Percival.

In true Lasombra fashion, he arranged an attack on Percival by muggers and was astonished how well the mortal defended himself. Immediately afterwards, Ermenegildo Embraced Percival, wanting to test if he could survive the transition into a vampire.

Percival learned quickly that he had simply exchanged a father who wanted him to be a knight for a sire who wanted him to be El Cid. The fact that he had to drink blood in order to sustain himself, as well as the brutal atmosphere among the lower ranks of the Sabbat, put him under great stress, much to the distress of his sire, who eventually turned away from him.

Fleeing the expectations of everyone, Percival ventured to the Americas, losing himself in the constant bloodshed of the sect war, driven to deeds of extreme bravery by a subconscious death-wish. For his bravery, he was awarded with the archbishopric of Guadalajara. During a visit in his new diocese, he came over the ruins of Teotihuacán and became enticed with the mystery behind the ruins.

Believing that a part of the meaning of his existence can be found in these ruins, he became an archaeologist, eventually joining forces with Ambrogino Giovanni in order to unlock the mysteries of Teotihuacán.

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