Pennons, October 4th, is a Festival of the Kithain that celebrates the arts of war.

Overview Edit

Originally instituted by the Seelie, Pennons celebrates the martial prowess of the Fae. Festivities include jousting, mock combat, weapon displays, and different forms of hunting or fighting chimerical beasts. The name of the holiday comes from the custom of granting a flag (pennon) with the royal crest on it to the winners who then have the right to fly them until the next celebration of Pennons.

Artists and other craftsmen also flood to the celebrations seeking patronage from the nobility, who are more likely to be generous on this holiday. Musicians particularly enjoy the festival and many Troubadours and Bards compose songs to the heroes on the spur of the moment, staging their own competitions, together with storytellers, using words and music as their "weapons." This is obviously a large draw for the wandering Eshu.

Shadow Court Variations Edit

Among the Unseelie, Pennons provides an excuse for them to mock the chivalry of the Seelie. Many enter the lists as black knights to challenge the might and honor of the Seelie knights. Some small prize is usually wagered on the affair, anything from a lover's favor to a knight’s minor treasure. Unseelie losers are notorious for quitting the field in a huff and refusing to pay their parts of the wagers; the Seelie who does the same, arguing that the Unseelie don’t abide by the rules, is fair game for Unseelie minstrels who make short work of their reputation.

The Shadow Court goes one step further; their knights study the peculiarities and fighting styles of their Seelie challengers. These styles are chronicled in warriors’ books for all members of the Shadow Court to study and use to their advantage later. Also recorded are the strength and types and placement of guards the Seelie nobles have. Anything that seems to annoy Seelie nobles is noted as well, and brought out at the next festival to see if it rattles their composure. From such small intelligences have come many ways for the Shadow Court to exploit the Seelies’ weaknesses, hoping to gain any advantage in their coming war for rulership.

Pennons also presents an opportunity for Unseelie to integrate their physical sides with the spiritual and mental changes that have taken place over the previous year. Though the Unseelie flex their muscles, they take extra care never to allow themselves to seem a serious threat to the Seelie. They wait and watch, building in secret, hiding their true strength until the wheel of the year speaks in unmistakable terms, telling them that this year the time is finally right.

References Edit

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