Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Arthaus Publishing, Inc.
Published: December 12, 2005
Publication #: WW 17800
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-947-6
Price: $34.99

Pendragon Fifth Edition is the core rulebook for the roleplaying game Pendragon.


From the White Wolf catalog:

For the Glory of Camelot
Britain is in ruins as lords and chieftains fight for supremacy. From this chaos will rise Arthur and a golden age of chivalry and wonder - and a dark time of betrayal and bloodshed. Take the role of a knight at court and make a name for yourself. Can you save Camelot? Will you make your own legend?
An Epic Roleplaying Game in King Arthur's Britain
  • A new edition of the classic roleplaying game, undertaken by Hall of Fame game designer Greg Stafford.
  • A complete roleplaying game of Arthurian adventure and glory - players portray knights who grow in power and reputation. Play sessions occur between winter seasons of character "downtime" meaning a campaign can span the entirety of the Arthurian era.
  • Provides details on the five distinct periods within the Arthurian era - from before Arthur's birth to the fall of Camelot - allowing for many different campaigns and true epics. Players will tell the stories of three generations of characters - assuming their knights survive the brutal realities of feudal life.
  • Maintains the much-loved game mechanic, with its emphasis on passion traits and detailed life events.
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