Pendragon, also stylized as King Arthur Pendragon, is a roleplaying game by Greg Stafford. Pendragon is a game of knightly adventure in the milieu of King Arthur's Camelot, and is rooted in fidelity to the classical Arthurian legends.

Pendragon was originally published by Chaosium from 1985 to 2004, at which point they sold the publishing rights to White Wolf. There, the game was published sporadically under the Arthaus imprint. In 2009, White Wolf's new owners CCP hf sold the rights to Pendragon to Stewart Wieck, the co-founder and former co-owner of White Wolf. Wieck founded Nocturnal Media to publish new material for Pendragon and other games.

Two Pendragon books were published by White Wolf under the Arthaus imprint: Pendragon Fifth Edition in 2005 and The Great Pendragon Campaign in 2006.

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