The Pegasus is Totem chiefly concerned with sacred places and seeks to protect them.


Although this Totem is associated with the Black Furies, it is also known for the power in its wings and the nobility it exudes among the Garou, but because of the feud between the Get of Fenris and the Black Furies, the Pegasus will not adopt a Pack that has a Get in it.

According to legends in the Garou Nation, Pegasus was originally created to keep the Furies in check in their rage against man, who were patronaged by Artemis at this time. Together with her partner, the mortal hero Bellerophon, they produced a great brood of spirit servants. When Bellerophon, however, became distant and afraid of his steed, he gelded him. Pegasus bidded his time and threw Bellerophon from his back when they passed the Bosporus. Afterwards, he came to the Black Furies, proclaiming that he would never bend knee again before man. Furthermore, he demanded that the Furies would let their male metis children live within the tribe

Pegasus is often represented as a black winged horse with fiery eyes. It controls the element of air, and can teach its children Gifts associated with travel and air. Packs who are chosen by the Pegasus gain an increase to their Honor and may call upon the fiery will of the Pegasus to supplement their own. Followers of the Pegasus also gain a great knowledge of the animal world. Black Furies will always be well disposed towards a Pack of the Pegasus.



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