The Pawnbroker is a secretive Nosferatu that makes his Haven in Vienna.


The Pawnbroker was sent by his sire to the city of Vindobona in preparation for an invasion of Baba Yaga from the east. To secure the city, the Pawnbroker assassinated the childer of Prince Valerianus and ruled while the Ventrue rested in Torpor. Only an alliance between Valerianus and the Tremere Etrius, who had traveled to Vienna to convert the local Chantry, managed to drive him off.

The Pawnbroker resurfaced around the 16th century, having become an excellent trader of knowledge and Artifacts of every kind, among them even rare pieces like the Sword of Troile, fragments of the Book of Nod and pieces of the True Cross. Even the Tremere grudgingly acknowledged his skills, and in exchange for conceding to their rule over the city, the Pawnbroker was granted the Dorotheum as Haven and base of operations. Within the Dorotheum, the Pawnbroker has the unique privilege of receiving guests up to 48 hours without having to introduce them to the Tremere. As a skilled anthropologist and archaeologist himself, the Pawnbroker has ties across the world and funds a variety of archaeological digs, both by mortals and undead.


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