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The Pattern Web is the underlying structure of the universe, a manifestation of pure Stasis that binds together different Realms.


In some parts of the Umbra, strands of the Pattern Web are visible as crystalline cobwebs; it is even possible for mages and Garou with the appropriate training to travel between Realms by climbing the Pattern Web, although doing so is difficult and dangerous. The center of the Pattern Web is believed to be the Shenti of Stasis, but no one has actually explored that far (or at least, no one has lived to tell the tale).

The Pattern Web is spun and maintained by Pattern Spiders and other powerful Weaver spirits. These spirits are attracted to areas where reality is particularly unstable, and if they identify a specific threat to Stasis they may trap and bind it into the Pattern Web itself. This reflects how the Weaver originally trapped the Wyrm. Some are also capable of using vibrations of the Pattern Web to cause pain or discomfort to individuals from a distance.

The Garou believe that the Pattern Web is overgrown and calcified, thanks to the imbalance in the Triat. They point to Umbral Realms where no visible manifestation of the Pattern Web exists as proof that it is not necessary for holding Realms together. On the other hand, Weaver-infested areas such as Blights or the Penumbra reflections of cities are so choked with Pattern Web that they are difficult to navigate at all without becoming trapped.