A Changeling's Patronage is the preferred art from which he or she gathers Glamour.

Overview Edit

The Kithain tend to focus their Glamour-gathering activities on a certain art that appeals to them, whether painting, writing, sculpture, or whatever. This art is the Changeling's Patronage. While Childlings and Wilders will at times change their patronages, Grumps usually settle on one and stick with it. Wilder's tend to like the experimental arts; Childlings direct and simple ones; Grumps the sophisticated or traditional arts. Most of the Kithain indulge in their patronage every chance they get, visiting significant places for that art or collecting people who participate in or practice that art. The acquisition of works or artists acts as a sort of rivalry among changelings, allowing those who patronage the same arts to indulge in friendly competition to benefit (usually) of their chosen art.

Cliques Edit

Changelings often form groups known as Cliques to share their patronage with others of like mind, increasing all parties' enjoyment. Through patronage, the fae inspire mortals to dream and thereby add to the supply of Glamour in the Autumn world. It therefore not only provides an engaging pastime but makes an important contribution to the Dreaming. Most cliques know this but don't let it get in the way of having a good time.

Cliques that associate with traditional or medieval arts call themselves noble patronages while those that are dedicated to modern or experimental forms are referred to as vulgar patronages. Both types of cliques tend to give themselves formal or whimsical names, depending on the nature of their patronage.

Noble Cliques Edit


Some examples of Noble Cliques include:

  • The Galatians who patronize painting and sculpture.
  • The Calliopians who revere the written and spoken word.
  • The Terpsichoreans who favor dance.
  • The Olympians who favor athletes and bodybuilders.

Vulgar Cliques Edit

Some examples of Vulgar Cliques include:

  • The Groupies who favor Rock and Roll and other contemporary music
  • The Anachronists who patronize support ancient crafts of common folk.
  • The Zoetrope Society which is composed of film-buffs.
  • The Mad Hatters who are inspired by the insane
  • The Daydreamers, an all childling clique, that encourages the natural Glamour of mortal children
  • The Hackers who promote Glamour via the Internet and other electronic arts.

The Unseelie & the Shadow Court Edit

For more information on Unseelie cliques, see the article Shadow Court#Cliques.

References Edit

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