Patrick Drey was the Eshu who founded The Fool's Gambit Freehold.

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Patrick was too young to remember the American Revolutionary War but his father died fighting the British. As a young man, his Eshu nature inspired him to wander the east coast of the new country; questing to find his inner identity. While he often met other Kithain, he never felt particularly comfortable in their company. After a few years of wandering, he found himself drawn to Boston and, strangely enough, to a tavern called The Liberty Tree Tavern. Within the walls of the building, the stump of the original Liberty Tree still stood. Upon first seeing the stump, he knew that the place had the potential to be a freehold. He began to seek out other kithain to share his vision. Two years later he found a Nocker named Thurston Winters.

The two planned and worked to get the funds to buy the property. Patrick had already begun working at the tavern for a couple years and the owner was getting old. He and Thurston began spreading tales about the ghosts of the original Sons of Liberty haunting the space. The descriptions of these haunting were quite terrifying and the number of patrons decreased drastically, especially as "ghost sightings" began to happen (no doubt judicious use of cantrips on the two fae's parts). When Patrick offered to buy the failing business, the owner was only too glad to be rid of it.

On Beltaine in the year 1834, the Balefires began to glow in the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Patrick always meant for the tavern to be open to all kithain, no matter their Court, because too many fas were loosing their connection to the Dreaming. He wanted to remedy that. All this was in tribute to the great tree that was the foundation of the freehold. Patrick renamed the tavern The Fool's Gambit in 1841 and when he finally grew too old to maintain it, he turned it over to a Satyr named Daniel before settling back into the cycle of dearth and rebirth.

References Edit

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