The Path of the Warrior is a martial variant of the Path of Typhon. Most of its adherents are Warrior Setites or associated with the Cohort of Wepwawet.

Adherents are called Wraths or Horned Vipers.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Path originates in disaffected Setites following the Roman domination of Egypt. Believing the Typhonic teachings as lacking, these vampires sought a return to the roots of their founder. As Set was once a warrior and hunter who fought against the Chaos Serpent to protect the sun god, many followers of the Path see themselves as following in Set's original footsteps. Through discipline and pain, they seek to dominate the Beast, which they see as an illusion of their mind, by stealing their body until it becomes able to suppress the Beast's urges. An advanced follower of the Path is a terrible foe and most act as shock troops for greater temples.

Ethics[edit | edit source]

  • The mind is subservient to the body, and so is the Beast. Although the body is bestial, it can be refined. The Embrace begins this transmogrification, but even afterward the Beast can still reign, unless it is beaten down with exercise and struggle
  • You are a killer. Do not hesitate to kill
  • The Body is bestial and must be punished. Scourge yourself, hurt yourself, push yourself to your limits, and know that in doing so you hurt the Beast
  • Every moment must be spent honing the powers of the body. Your vampiric disciplines are a body function and must be trained, too
  • The True Death is preferable to failure and weakness
  • You must be ready for the resurrection of Set and the final battle

Hierarchy of Sins[edit | edit source]

Path of the Warrior
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Not subjugating yourself to the most painful tortures. Your flesh must be purified for its holy purpose.
9 Failing a test you set yourself. Failure is unworthy of the dark god.
8 Not developing your body to the fullest potential. You are a weapon wielded by Set, and you must be sharp.
7 Spending vitae to heal your wounds in the same night they were inflicted. Pain is a teacher. Do not skirt your lessons.
6 Not developing your Disciplines to their full potential. Divinity is wasted on those who do not unlock its gifts.
5 Killing swiftly and mercifully. A dying enemy must know despair if Set is to hear your offering.
4 Showing any sign of pain. Your pain belongs to you and to no one else whom you do not give it to.
3 Not exercising every night/Succumbing to Frenzy or Rötschreck. If you have all the power in the world, and the Beast controls you, you have nothing.
2 Overthinking an action. Hesitation is a mortal failing and unworthy of you.
1 Refusing to aid in Set's resurrection. The final battle cannot begin until the god of storm and sky returns.

References[edit | edit source]

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