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The Path of the Scorched Heart, originally called the Path of Rathmonicus, is an ancient Path of Enlightenment that originates with the True Brujah. Based on the Book of the Empty Heart by Rathmonicus, it was first disseminated among a few Kindred in the Catholic Church; its scriptures were later reunited and compiled by the True Black Hand. The Path of the Scorched Heart controls the Beast by systematically eradicating every emotion within the vampire's heart. The Path is especially favored among the True Brujah, who already cultivate few emotions.

Adherents are called the Unforgiving.


The main idea of the Path is that the Beast is strong and that it affects all emotions – even subconsciously. Thus all emotions are Beast-driven and so will eventually lead to corruption and despair. The only way to overcome the Beast is to cut free of all emotions and think logically about everything. While a part of the vampire dies in this process, the Beast becomes far weaker because its greatest tool is gone.

Adherents of this path are determined to find solace in truth, for they hold that all falsehood and ambiguity is the product of emotions, and if these things can be shut down, the soul is open for receiving the truth. Right or wrong are merely impediments, as no single person can assume an universal Archimedean point to see the whole picture. Morality is seen as an atavistic concepts based on emotion and so in no way useful for finding the truth, but members do have ethics. They act, when necessary or threatened, but otherwise prefer to get their facts straight and complete before taking action. Though lies are not tolerated, truth itself can be a deceit. Followers of this Path know that perceptions of what constitute wrong or immoral action are not definite. Opinions change with new information – right or wrong conclusions by an observer in a situation are malleable and mutable to the extent of the data used to arrive at a decision.

Followers of the Path consider the majority of Kindred destructive and continuously look for weaknesses in others. They always use those weaknesses against their enemies and never let an enemy live one night longer than they must. The Unforgiving are extremely secretive, for they know others will use their weaknesses against them.


  • Face down all your fears
  • Quench all emotion by drowning it in the frigid waters of reason. Do not feel emotion. Emotion is itself the Beast.
  • Trust only what can be perceived and remember that even your perceptions can be fooled.
  • Always resist the Beast
  • Always think logically
  • Use others when you can profit from it
  • Don't waste time with pleasures and debauchery

Hierarchy of Sins

Path of the Scorched Heart
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Making assumptions. You may not know everything.
9 Relying on others. Your actions are the only ones you can predict with certainty.
8 Acting rashly. Observe, think, calculate, then consider to act.
7 Passing up an opportunity to acquire knowledge or a secret. You can never be sure what skill will be needed, so be prepared.
6 Failure to destroy a destructive person. Mortals are blessed with untainted emotion. Those who squander that gift do not deserve it.
5 Killing a mortal for any reason other than fulfilling its destiny. Do not waste your time with indulgence.
4 Harming an innocent; feeling an emotion. There are sources of vitae more deserving of attention.
3 Expressing an emotion (like Frenzy); showing weakness (like Rötschreck). To learn, you must remain objective.
2 Feeling strong emotions. What you feel is a weapon your foes can wield. Do not present them with that weapon.
1 Making decisions based on emotion. The Beast feels. You don't. Deny the Beast and it will wither.



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