Via Feritas, also known as the Path of the Savage, is a Path of the Via Bestiae found in Dark Ages: Vampire. The adherents of the Path of the Savage see human civilization as inherently tainted and seek to lash out against it. They are seen as the most animalistic adherents of the Road of the Beast and derided as mindless killers by Cainites among other Roads. Followers are sometimes referred to as Savages.

The Path of the Savage is as old as the Road itself. Its followers claim that the end of the Second City proved that civilization causes the uproar of the Beast and dedicated themselves to the destruction of any social institution more complex than a simple village. The Path was seen as a pre-historic throwback among most Western Kindred, but was followed by many Ferals in the Far North. The Path had a rivalry with the Path of the Grey Hunter and followers of both Paths were reported to stalk and slay each other.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Via Feritas ("Path of the Savage")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Allowing civilization's proponents to live.
9 Not striking at civilization whenever possible.
8 Not challenging a weak leader.
7 Participating in a civilization without intent to destroy it.
6 Avoiding contact with the wilds.
5 Making a sacrifice for a stranger.
4 Refusing to kill when necessary for your safety.
3 Failing to defend your territory (or pack).
2 Showing mercy to an enemy.
1 Abstaining from feeding when hungry.


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