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Via Venator Umbra, more commonly known as the Path of the Grey Hunter, is a Path of the Via Bestiae ("Road of the Beast") in Dark Ages: Vampire.


  • Civilization must become home to Cainites, as it is home to our prey.
  • Alliances and agreements can be used to your advantage. Only a fool ignores a possible source of strength.
  • The pleasures of civilization can delight the Beast. Take advantage of them as you desire.

Hierarchy of Sins

Via Venator Umbra ("Path of the Grey Hunter")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Failing to offer hospitality to an invited (or announced) visitor.
9 Avoiding an opportunity to hunt in the wilds.
8 Not hunting an easy target when the opportunity presents itself.
7 Shunning a gathering or celebration.
6 Avoiding contact with civilization.
5 Making a sacrifice for a stranger.
4 Refusing to kill to when important for your safety.
3 Not defending your territory.
2 Showing your enemies mercy.
1 Abstaining from feeding when hungry.


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