Name: Path of the Eightfold Wheel
Parent Road: Via Peccati
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

The Path of the Eightfold Wheel is a Path of the Road of Sin (Via Peccati) found in V20 Dark Ages.


The Path of the Eightfold Wheel draws on Celtic paganism, with a special focus on druidism. Its focus on honoring the gods and spirits of nature through devotion to nature and the spirits, serving balance in all things, and a rotating calendar of astronomically based festivals. Since the rise of Christianity, this Path became more and more rare, receding to rural areas in Britain or being adopted by germanic traditions that practice shamanism.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Path of the Eightfold Wheel
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Failing to spend time alone in the silence of nature. It is through nature that the gods are revealed to us.
9 Betraying a secret. The Druids teach us that we must be blind where secrets are concerned.
8 Failing to care for the sick or weak. One cannot be strong without concern for others.
7 Letting pride come before justice. One must be strong toward the strong and weak toward the strengthless.
6 Failing to honor the spirits of nature. The spirits aid and guide us.
5 Failing to honor the gods. The gods created the world that sustains us.
4 Breaking a promise. A promise is a sacred bond.
3 Acting to upset the balance of nature. For the righteous must seek balance in all things.
2 Failure to conduct yourself with honor. The gods honor those who live with honor.
1 Failure to seek self-knowledge. Never permit self-deception to obscure knowledge of the self.


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