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Via Adversarius, commonly called the Path of the Devil, and formerly known as the Path of the Adversary, is a Path of Via Peccati found in Dark Ages: Vampire. The followers of Via Adversarius exist purely for themselves; they ignore law, clan, prince, or any who would impose on their own free will. To restrain themselves with obedience is to allow the Beast free reign. However, rebellion quells the energies of the Beast, and therefore is the best course of action in any instance. Followers of Via Adversarius are sometimes known as Adversaries.

Although they would appear to be relentless anarchists at first glance, the travelers of the Path of the Devil are actually much more humane than the other branches of Via Peccati. While they put themselves first, Via Adversarius followers also believe that they owe it to themselves to help others whose ability to act freely and without fear is threatened. They will gladly free slaves, help mortals living under an oppressive lord, or aid a fellow Cainite who is on the run from the law, all in the interests of serving free will. There are actually considered to be two types of Adversaries: Adversary-Prometheans work to free the weak and helpless, seeking to undermine authority, while Adversary-Furores take the fight directly to the top in an effort to end repression.

Hierarchy of Sins[edit | edit source]

Via Adversarius ("Path of the Devil")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Acknowledging the laws of God and man.
9 Failing to indulge your desires.
8 Failing to ride the waves of a Frenzy.
7 Refusing to aid a lost soul in need.
6 Refusing pleasure that injures no one.
5 Seeking material gain at the expense of higher concerns.
4 Refusing to act when necessity demands it.
3 Refusing to kill when it is in your best interests.
2 Refusing to feed when it is necessary.
1 Encouraging false virtue or aiding its agents.

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