The Path of the Archangel was a Path of the Road of Heaven popular in Byzantium during the 13th century. It reveres the memory of the fallen Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael. The followers of the path are called Michaelites.


During his tenure as the Patriarch of Constantinople, Michael allowed himself to be depicted as the archangel of the same name. Originally, this was because he knew that no mortal artist would ever be able to capture his perfection, unable to conceive another way to envision his beauty.[1] In time, as the methuselah became more and more deranged, he convinced himself and several of his followers that he was the literal archangel. After Michael was destroyed in 1204, many of these believers despaired. Cults rose around Michael, calling themselves the Michaelites.

By 1242, two of Michael's surviving childer, Paul Bathalos and Pakourianis the Dove, had gathered several followers within Constantinople around them, formulating this Path in the process. They revere Michael as a figure akin to Christ Himself, sacrificing his undead body to deliver the souls of the Damned. As a result, they believe vampires must act the part of angels to the mortal herd. Some even believe all the angels were vampires, with Michael as their greatest example.

While most of the adherents of the Path of the Archangel were Toreador (and several of those were an altered variant referred to as Nephilim), other Cainites attracted to the legend of Michael were welcomed. Mostly, these came from Michael's former Scion families.

Hierarchy of SinEdit

Path of the Archangel
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Indulging in any temptation. True katharsis purges all passions.
9 Going one day without performing any creative work. In art, we illuminate truth.
8 Turning away from those who need inspiration. An angel's work is in guiding the lost.
7 Refusing to make a minor sacrifice. Shedding earthly things brings us closer to divinity.
6 Leaving fellow Toreador to languish unbaptized. We are all Michael's chosen.
5 Going one week without performing any creative work. Art is how the soul worships.
4 Indulging in temptations of the flesh. In katharsis we renounce carnal passions.
3 Abandoning any in your charge. We must earn the worship of the flock.
2 Giving in to your Beast, such as frenzy. Katharsis purges our basest urges first and foremost.
1 Refusing to make a major sacrifice. We follow Michael's example in all things.

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