Name: Via Vireo
Translation: Path of Vigor
Nickname: Rovers
Parent Road: Via Humanitatis
Virtues: Conscience, Self-Control

Via Vireo, commonly called the Path of Vigor, is a Path of Via Humanitatis found in Dark Ages: Vampire. Followers of the Path of Vigor are called Rovers. Those who follow the Path of Vigor are not only dedicated to an ideal of what humanity is, but also its nature. Rovers are drawn to the human tendency to innovate, expand its horizons, and move on for good or ill.

The Path of Vigor is a forceful and energetic path that emphasizes motion and action before contemplation and stillness. Some see Caine in his aspect as the Dark Wanderer as the first of the Rovers, ever seeking for meaning and pushing the boundaries of Humanity ever forward.

Many Rovers do never settle down in one domain, instead preferring to wander the world as mercenaries, merchants, and other profession that do not settle. Others turn to more intellectual tasks, dedicating themselves to expanding human innovations in various manners of fields; while some go to revolutionize systems like faith or philosophy. This makes most of the Rovers very unpopular by many of the more reactionary Princes, who see their revolutionary ways of thinking as threats to themselves.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Via Vireo ("Path of Vigor")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Failure to embrace something new every night.
9 Fighting any impending change.
8 Injury to another person (deliberate of otherwise).
7 Theft and robbery.
6 Accidental violation (e.g. drinking a vessel dry from starvation).
5 Embracing permanence.
4 Impassioned violation (e.g. manslaughter, killing a vessel in Frenzy).
3 Planned violation (e.g. murder).
2 Casual violation (e.g. wanton killing, feeding past satiation).
1 The most heinous and demented acts.


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