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The Path of Veils is a Path of the Road of Lilith found in Vampire Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages.


Those who follow the Path of Veils revere Lilith as the rebellious mother of monsters, who claimed to be God's equal and who was betrayed by Caine. They reject both Cainite orthodoxy and the Christian principles on which it is based. To them, Lilith is a symbol of liberty, and they will be free when Cainite society is destroyed.

The Path of the Veil may take its name from a passage in Revelations of the Dark Mother, which describes how Caine's childer (represented allegorically as the thirteen Clan Founders) destroyed Lilith's garden and murdered her children. Only [Toreador] and [Nosferatu] refrained from the destruction, and covered the dead children's faces with veils as a sign of respect. Thus, they are exempt from the vengeance of Lilith's followers.

Hierarchy of sins

Path of Veils
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Rejecting the advances of demons with seed in hand.
9 Joining a system created by those with no wisdom.
8 Ignoring one of Lilith's faces.
7 Abandoning a thing because it is ugly or frightening.
6 Cruelty for its own sake.
5 Not taking a secret or creation from savages who don't know the divine purpose behind it.
4 Destroying a thinking being.
3 Not seeking out the teachings of Lilith.
2 Getting between someone and the teachings of Lilith.
1 Rejecting the advances of angels with seed in hand.


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