The Path of Sutekh is a sub-path of the Path of Typhon, that focuses more on breaking down moral taboos and freeing oneself from the influence of the material world than aiding (meaning corrupting, of course) others to attain this sentiment. It uses an identical Hierarchy of Sins as its main path, only its reasons for its motivations differ.

Some Setites have tried to fuse the two branches by calling the Path as a whole the "Path of Typhon-Set", in a similar manner Egyptian gods were often fused, depending on dynasty (Atum-Ra, for example). Some cults teach the Path of Typhon first, then teach the Path of Sutekh when the Setite becomes ready for a higher level of initiation.


  • Gather information-secret and otherwise-and learn how it applies to the resurrection of Set, the true nature of divinity and the origin and fate of the world
  • Subjugate the Beast: self-discipline and cunning must temper a warrior's rage.
  • Immerse yourself in whatever you hate, fear or shun, that it may not hold power over you
  • Tempt, confuse, and degrade others, that they may recognize their own limitations and seek to overcome them
  • Maintain a veil of secrecy, for the Aeons delude humanity into fearing its own freedom.
  • Acquire power to further the cult's cause and turn the Aeons' dupes against them, but do not love power for its own sake
  • Seek revelation through knowledge, faith, and experience

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Path of Sutekh
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Pursuing one's own indulgences instead of another's. This shows a lack of self-discipline and compassion. Enjoy your work, but remember that you serve others first.
9 Refusing to aid another follower of the Path. Denying other seekers means denying Set.
8 Failing to destroy a vampire in Golconda. Those in Golconda are either ready to leave the world and become independent creators; or they have completely sold out to the Aeons to abate their curse.
7 Failing to observe Setite religious ritual. This is akin to denying Set and faith itself.
6 Failing to undermine the current social order in favor of the Setites. The social order is a snare by the Aeons. Only through Set can Kindred and kine find salvation.
5 Failing to do whatever is necessary to enlighten another. If you balk at any deed that's necessary to liberate another, you've not truly freed yourself.
4 Failing to pursue arcane knowledge. The mysteries of enlightenment and the key to the Aeons' defeat may be hidden anywhere.
3 Obstructing another Setite's efforts. The ranks of the righteous are no place for petty power plays.
2 Failing to take advantage of another's weakness. This would deny the other person a chance to realize their need for Set's saving grace. How will others learn if they don't recognize their errors?
1 Refusing to aid in Set's resurrection. This is complete abandonment of sire, faith, and clan to serve the Aeons.


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