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For the book of the same title, see Infernalism: The Path of Screams

Via Quiritare, commonly called the Path of Screams, is a Path of Via Peccati found in Dark Ages: Vampire. Followers of Via Quiritare are sometimes called Screamers.


Where as the other Paths of the Road of Sin are based in something less than human, the followers of the Path of Screams are walking nightmares. They believe to resist the Beast or attempt to placate it is impossible, and so give themselves over to it completely, performing its will. Whereas the followers of Via Crudelitas are scorned and ostracised in general, the followers of Via Quiritare are reviled and feared. No Cainite, save a mad one, wishes to deal with these horrific Kindred.

The travelers of Via Quiritare consider themselves to be Hell incarnate on Earth. As they are Kindred, they are damned, so why fight it? Virtues are nothing more than lies to keep fools in line, and free will is a joke as the Beast ultimately controls all. These beliefs drive all Screamers to destruction and madness eventually, but those who serve their Beasts will usually cause quite a few problems for those who dare cross paths with them.

Hierarchy of Sins

Via Quiritare ("Path of Screams")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Acknowledging the laws of God and man.
9 Failing to indulge your desires.
8 Failing to ride the wave of a Frenzy.
7 Refusing to feed when it is in your best interest.
6 Avoiding injury to others for any reason.
5 Any display of pity or mercy.
4 Failing to act on behalf of your patrons.
3 Any display of altruistic behavior.
2 Acting against the minions of hell.
1 Encouraging virtue or the agents of virtue.


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