Name: Via Voluptarius
Translation: Path of Pleasure
Nickname: Voluptuaries
Parent Road: Via Peccati
Virtues: Conviction, Instinct

Via Voluptarius, commonly called the Path of Pleasure, is a Path of Via Peccati found in Dark Ages: Vampire. It was founded by Aconia Messalina not long after the Via Peccati itself.


Those who follow the Path of Pleasure bring the more pleasant and hedonistic aspects of the Road of Sin to the forefront. High living in the form of vintage vitae, fine clothing, beautiful concubines, and sexual indulgence are all common for those who choose to follow Via Voluptarius. To indulge the vulgar, crass, and ordinary is to go against the ethics of this path. Followers of Via Voluptarius are sometimes called Voluptuaries.

Sinners who travel along the Path of Pleasure actually use these sensual things to control their Beast by giving the it what it wants, and using the finest things in life to do so as a way to secure this sacrament. Feelings such as shame, modesty, moderation, or morality are surefire ways to rouse the Beast to anger, and thus those who follow the Path of Pleasure tend to seclude themselves from the real world as much as possible. In spite of their reclusive nature, most Voluptuaries have a role in Cainite society as procurers of the rare, taboo, and pleasurable.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Via Voluptarius ("Path of Pleasure")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Feeling shame for any reason.
9 Failing to indulge a new desire.
8 Failing to ride the wave of a Frenzy.
7 Any display of modesty.
6 Associating with those who bring you no pleasure.
5 Turning down a chance for material gain.
4 Acting against your own self interests.
3 Refusing to kill when it serves your interests.
2 Refusing to feed when the opportunity arises.
1 Encouraging virtue or the agents of virtue.


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