The Path of Flesh is a sub-path to the Path of Lilith that interpretates Lilith as an archetype of the feminine principle and of the dark side of sensuality.

Followers of the Path of Flesh restrain themselves from the cultic reverence of many Bahari groups, instead seeking to act upon Lilith's essence. They reject society, as Lilith was rejected from Eden. By doing so, they understand the urges the Dark Mother represents and can truly understand their existence. Members revel in acts like cannibalism, self-mutilation and acting upon one's sensual desires. The Curse of Caine offers the best vehicle for exploring all these acts, as vampires can regenerate from nearly every injury and explore sensory perceptions beyond the scope of mortals.

Followers of the Path of Flesh see the Beast as yet another aspect of the things that represent the Dark Mother. They seek to placate it through their explorations, and use it to furthen their senses and intellect, while keeping their sanity intact.


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