The Path of Ecstasy is a side branch of the Path of Typhon that focuses more on the Revelation of Ecstasy than the others.

Followers of the path are called Ecstatics or Maenads. When referring to all adherents, they use the term Thiasus.


The current form of the Path originates in the teachings of the Children of Judas from Constantinople. It rejects the involvement of the Typhonists in degradation and corruption and concerns itself only with one’s own debauched pleasures. The path shares some of its materialistic characteristics with Path of the Cathari; this, however, is superficial. The Ecstatics are less concerned about corrupting the physical world than they are about achieving preternatural ecstasy to transcend it. Where the Albigensians see themselves as barred from the spiritual world, the Ecstatics see it as their right and create windows to it through beautiful moments. Sin is not the end goal, but a potential tool in crossing the tyrannous taboos of the moralists. Many members are part of Cult of Taweret.

Followers of this path revel in luxury, and sate the Beast by glutting its appetite. They reject the base cruelties of the Typhonists; rather than celebrating misery, they glorify pleasure, reveling in the most decadent extremes of vampiric sensation. They pride themselves on the materialism of the modern world, and boast that it is a direct result of their actions and existence.

Members of this path often especially despise Kindred of Clan Toreador, and take every chance to humiliate and distress them. Other Setites often use Ecstatics as "fronts" to lull other vampires into a false sense of security and use their straight forward practices as a gateway into the more complex mysteries of Typhonism.


  • Pursuit of pleasure is a spiritual obligation. Those who spurn luxury seek to befoul the spirit with grossness, and are misguided
  • Existence serves no purpose save to entertain. Ignite rapture in yourself and others. Spread holy delirium
  • To resist temptation is a great wrong
  • Vampires are the children of Caine's sin and thus, should commit themselves to sin
  • Erode the imprisoning paradigms of the Aeons whenever possible. Crossing taboos weakens them
  • Moments of transcendental rapture open a window to the beyond. Create these "beautiful moments" whenever possible
  • It is not a crime to kill, as long as the act is performed beautifully

Hierarchy of Sins

Path of Ecstasy
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Allowing someone innocent to survive. A soul unwilling to touch the beyond, via sensation, should be sent by a more direct route.
9 Not wallowing in absolute decadence. Always, always drown the Beast.
8 Allowing someone ugly to survive/Refusing to break a taboo. Transgressing any sacred border deteriorates the paradigm of the Aeons.
7 Allowing a preacher of impurity (priests, nuns etc.) to live without good reason. Unless they can be compromised, the hypocrites will continue serving the purpose of the Aeons.
6 Rejecting wealth/Failing to create a beautiful moment. In a world choked in nihilism, it is a sin to not open a window to the divine when inspiration strikes.
5 Not attempting to corrupt an innocent, (i.e. failing to do whatever is necessary to enlighten another). Free the shackled sheep when you can.
4 Not taking at least one drug regularly. A malleable mind is more open to the supernatural.
3 Restraining your natural impulses without good reason. The compulsion of repression is a useless artifact, implanted by the Aeons, and must be cut out.
2 Refusing to subvert the chains of the Aeons. Without our glorious purpose, we are naught but shabby hedonists.
1 Destroying something of beauty. We refuse to make the world any less interesting.


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