Name: Via Divinitatis
Translation: Path of Divinity
Parent Road: Via Caeli
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

Via Divinitatis, also known as The Path of Divinity, is a Path of the Vi Caeli found in Dark Ages: Vampire. Its adherents are often dubbed Divinists and Heretics.


Followers of the Path of Divinity believe that the very foundation of standard faithful belief, the notion that god cursed their kind is flawed. Undeath is not truly a curse but instead proof of God's favour, a divine blessing. They have been touched, in a real and literal sense, by the divine. They stand alone and above all other of God's creations and point to their supernatural powers and perfect, undying existence as evidence of their claims.

Believing themselves superior to mortals, Divinists believe it is their role to guide humanity to the worship of the Lord. The Flock must be led, guided, and educated to fear and adore God's chosen. Extending the worship of Cainites ultimately spreads the worship of God.

The Divinists are viewed as heretics among other followers of Heaven. These deviant few are considered grossly misled at best, and greatly blasphemous at worst. Thus, it is generally considered unwise to publicly announce one's adherence to the Path of Divinity. So Divinists are often experts at circumspection, blending in with the broader hierarchy of the road at large.


  • The blood of Caine makes you superior to mortals.
  • The Flock must be led, guided, and educated to fear and adore God's chosen.
  • Spread of the worship of Cainites increases and spreads the worship of God.

Hierarchy of Sin

Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Allowing mortals to violate the Ten Commandments. God's word is law.
9 Failing to speak out against corruption and sin. God blessed you so that you could act, not sit idly by.
8 Acting out of pride, avarice or some other sinful impulse. Do as you must, but so so only in the name of God.
7 Theft, robbery, willful vandalism. Such things are beneath Cainites.
6 Causing harm to a pious and virtuous person. Cainites are not above the truly innocent.
5 Feeding from an innocent by force. The Flock must come to you.
4 Blasphemous or heretical acts. Flaunt God Himself and He will strip you of His blessings.
3 Allowing a crime or major sin to go unpunished. "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord.
2 The murder of innocents. Do not repeat the sin of Caine.
1 Aiding a demon or other supernatural agent of evil. Serve evil and you deny your place in God's favor.


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