Name: Path of Devaraja
Translation: Path of the God-King
Nickname: Divines
Parent Road: Via Regalis
Virtues: Conviction, Self-Control

The Path of Devaraja ("Path of the God-King") is a Path of the Road of Kings found in Dark Ages: Vampire.

Followers of the Path of Devaraja sometimes called Divines.


In southeast India and Malaysia, several religions believe their king is not just mandated by God, but is himself a god, infused with the divine upon taking the throne. This divinity is not bestowed lightly, or always through blood inheritance, but instead the divine infuses power into its chosen upon ascendancy. The idea of godhood appeals to all Cainites.

Followers of this path do not believe in some divine ability to rule. Instead, they believe that they must earn the right to rule and rise to divinity in the eyes their people. The Divines do not create subjects and inferiors, but instead followers and worshipers. Most Divines on the Path of Devaraja feel they must earn the power to rule, walking among the people and rising up above them as their gods when the time comes. For a Divine, the highest station is to become a god-king ruling his land with benevolence towards his worshippers and granting them miracles.

Hierarchy of Sins

Path of Devaraja
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Failing to recognise the divine.
9 Foregoing your duty.
8 Treating another with disrespect.
7 Treating an inferior as an equal.
6 Placing personal desires over duty.
5 Failing to seize power when the opportunity arises.
4 Failing to answer a challenge to your honor.
3 Killing without purpose.
2 Breaking your word or oath.
1 Giving into your Beast, such as Frenzy.


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