The Path of Christ is one of the Paths of the Road of Heaven in Vampire Twentieth Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages. Cainites who were Christians in life may choose to adhere to this Path, under the assumption that God's plan for the world includes vampires, and remaining obedient to His will will help them control the Beast.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

Path of Christ
Rating Moral Guideline Rationale
10 Failing to denounce corruption and sin. All that evil needs to triumph is the inaction of the righteous.
9 Acting out of pride, avarice, lust, or other sinful impulse. The road to the Beast is paved in sin.
8 Bearing false witness. A lying tongue is hateful in the eyes of the Lord.
7 Causing harm to a pious person. God protects the innocent.
6 Feeding from an innocent without permission. Corruption of the innocent is a grave sin.
5 Blasphemy or heresy in word or act. Blasphemy is a sin against God.
4 Murder of innocents. Thou shalt not kill, sayeth the Lord.
3 Worshiping false idols. Thou shalt not have any other god before me.
2 Aiding demons or supernatural evil. It is the duty of the righteous to smite the wicked.
1 Failing to spread the Gospel of Christ. It is the duty of all Christians to spread the good news of our Lord.


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