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Via Anima, commonly called the Path of Breath, is a Path of Via Humanitatis ("Road of Humanity") found in Dark Ages: Vampire. Followers of the Path of Breath are called the Inspired.

The Inspired try to find meaning and purpose among mortal men, sharing their burdens and daily lives. By doing so, they hope to cease being monsters in their own mind, and so stall off the Beast.

Many who walk this path do so purely by instinct, never giving the matter much thought.

Hierarchy of Sins

Via Anima ("Path of Breath")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Failure to seem human in every way.
9 Inhuman actions under duress.
8 Injury to another person (deliberate or otherwise).
7 Shunning normal human interaction.
6 Accidental violation (e.g. drinking a vessel dry from starvation).
5 Inhuman actions when unthreatened.
4 Impassioned violation (e.g. manslaughter, killing a vessel in Frenzy).
3 Planned violation (e.g. murder).
2 Casual violation (e.g. wanton killing, feeding past satiation).
1 The most heinous and demented acts.


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