The Path of Awakening is a sub-set of the Path of Lilith that is dedicated to Lilith's daugter, Nahema.

The Path of Awakening teaches that the Malkavian Antediluvian and the Toreador Antediluvian had not been Children of Seth, but Children of Lilith instead. They were given as treaty hostages to Enoch and made Cainites, but they preserved the teachings for their mother and led the rebellion against the Second Generation. The two, however, had a sibling, Nahema, known as the Anti-Muse. Some Bahari tell that Nahema had descended into Hell, but continued to communicate with her siblings blood, manifesting as a voice in the Cobweb and the burning passion inside the heart of the Toreador.

Followers of the Path of Awakening try to see beyond the world, driven by "insights" granted by Nahema. To this end, they conduct brutal rituals that allow them to see beyond the Spirit Worlds into dimensions that are harmful to the soul and mind, in order to better communicate with their patron. Other Bahari think the Nahemites as dangerous extremists and avoid contact with them.


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