For the paths of blood magic, see Path (blood magic). For the Paths of later time periods, see Path of Enlightenment.

A Path is an additional set of rules for a Road that a kindred of the Dark Ages may optionally choose to follow. Each of the five major Roads boasts four Paths that add an additional set of virtues to the road. The paths themselves vary greatly; some may only keep the most basic tenents of the Road in mind while taking it in a slightly different direction than originally intended. Others may pull a traveler even deeper into the virtues championed by the rules of that Road. Some Paths are considered to have darker intent than the Road was intended for, while others have the opposite effect of making that traveler more "approachable" by those who follow other Roads.

Known PathsEdit

Via Bestiae, the Road of the BeastEdit

Via Caeli, the Road of HeavenEdit

Via Humanitatis, the Road of HumanityEdit

Via Peccati, the Road of SinEdit

Via Regalis, the Road of KingsEdit

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